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Welcome to the new and improved
Omnichord Ramblings

In January of 2010, I created a website to share my efforts with a new musical hobby - the Omnichord - as well as the musicians that inspire me.

Six months later, after achieving over 1000 page views, technical issues forced me to recreate my website here.

For those who know me and my old site, welcome back! 

For those new to Omnichord Ramblings, welcome!
Take a listen to my recordings and feel free to leave comments - good or bad.

Take a tour of the history of the most unique of musical instruments - the Suzuki Omnichord.

Follow links into the INTERWEB, to experience the artists and friends who sustain my passion.

Maybe this site will inspire your own journey to find something that makes you happy, no matter how odd or silly it might seem to others. 

UPDATE (7/31/10)

Last week was a highlight of my Omnichord life, as I saw Jim James perform at the Newport Folk Festival.

I managed to meet my Omnichord inspiration afterwards, he signed my OM-84, took a picture with me, and one with my daughter, Maddie, and niece, Regan.  See those pics on the right.

UPDATE (3/21/11)

Its been a while since I had a chance to add to this site.  Check the Recordings page for a new cover, via YouTube, of Touch Me Part 2 (instrumental with lyrics; kind of karaoke-style, I suppose).  This was possible when I finally scored a functional OM-200m

Everyone is excited for the new album from My Morning Jacket, Circuital (due out this spring).  I've got tickets to see 'em in June at Mountain Jam, with hopes of adding many more shows this year.

Look for more added content this summer.  In the meantime, enjoy the 

T5 Countdown to Circuital

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